10 Reasons to Eat Chia Seeds


Chia seeds are one of the healthiest foods. They are packed with nutrients, fiber and omega-3s that can prevent disease, obesity and intestinal obstruction. These small but super seeds are a beneficial and easy addition to any diet. Low in calories, a small portion of chia seeds can significantly enhance many different types of food.

These seeds, with their pleasant taste, are often used by people who want to lose weight because they help reduce appetite. In addition, Chia seeds are able to help with depression and your beauty routine. But these are not the only benefits of these seeds. Below you will read the 10 most important benefits of Chia seeds.

1. They are full of nutrients
Nutritious foods contain rich amounts of nutrients per serving. This makes it easy for you to get all the nutrients you need daily to cope with the difficulties of daily life. Chia seeds are especially beneficial as they contain a mixture of vitamins and minerals, as well as protein and good fats.

More specifically, these nutrients contained in these seeds are fiber, protein, calcium, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus and vitamins B1, B2 and B3. They have been valued and used since ancient times thanks to their ability to provide sustainable energy to humans. In fact, “Chia” is an ancient Mayan word meaning “power”.

2. They are full of antioxidants
Every Chia seed is full of antioxidants. Consumption of antioxidants has many positive effects on the body. Eating foods rich in antioxidants can be good for your heart health and can also help reduce your risk of infections and certain cancers. Daily intake of antioxidants is necessary and these seeds are an easy solution for you who want to add antioxidants to your diet.

Chia seeds protect the body’s cells from damage that can result from free radicals if you are exposed to certain chemicals, smoking, pollution and radiation. Some other benefits of antioxidants are cleaner, healthier skin and longer, shinier hair.

3. They help in weight loss

a study showed that consuming seeds daily for 12 weeks caused significant weight loss, especially in obese participants. Participants also showed an improvement in cholesterol. With 14% protein by weight, Chia seeds are one of the highest protein plant foods. They also offer a great balance of amino acids.

A weight loss program is more than just food. Lifestyle, such as sleep and exercise, contribute to weight loss. If of course these are combined with a healthy diet based on everyone’s needs, then the results will be amazing. Chia seeds are an ingredient that you should definitely include in your diet, and they in turn will help in weight loss.

4. Maintain heart health
Factors associated with an increased risk of heart disease are age, family history, obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, poor diet, stress and smoking. However, heart disease can be prevented by adopting a healthy lifestyle such as daily exercise, maintaining a good diet, avoiding stress and quitting smoking.

Because Chia seeds are high in fiber, protein and omega-3 fatty acids, they are associated with a lower risk of cardiovascular problems such as arrhythmias and clogged arteries. You can include them in your diet to reduce the risk and give your food a pleasant taste.

5. Improve hair growth
Chia hair and seeds are made up of a common ingredient: protein. Our hair is made up of a protein called keratin, while Chia seeds are made up of about 23% protein. So you not only absorb fiber from Chia seeds, but you consume their protein, which helps strengthen your hair.

Also, your hair needs other nutrients that will help it grow at a healthy pace. Each Chia seed contains essential nutrients such as zinc, omega-3 fatty acids and magnesium. You can add Chia seeds to your diet or use them to create a mask for your hair.

6. Improve the appearance of the skin
Your skin is the largest organ in your body, so it is important to keep it healthy. You should know that Chia seeds are one of the healthiest foods on the planet. They are packed with antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids that fight aging, reduce acne scars and keep skin radiant and healthy. And according to a Manchester study, omega-3s help protect the skin from UV radiation.

Chia seeds contain anti-inflammatory properties that can help prevent the appearance of wrinkles and reduce sagging skin. You need to start eating these tiny but magical black seeds right away.

7. It is a source of energy
Chia seeds are an amazing source of energy, which over time can really help your body function in the best possible way and burn more calories throughout the day. Dried Chia seeds can be added whole or ground in juices, mixed with yogurt or oats, or placed on a salad.

With these foods as the foundation of your diet you will have more energy, you will lose weight and you will feel great. These small seeds will fill you with energy, without making you fat.

8. They benefit your oral hygiene and bones
Chia seeds improve the health of your teeth! Intake of less calcium may be the reason for the bad image of your teeth. The amount of zinc found in Chia seeds will work in such a way as to keep your teeth healthy, preventing the formation of plaque. Chia seeds also help reduce gingivitis because they have anti-inflammatory properties.

These seeds are also rich in phosphorus, a metal that has been shown to promote bone health. Increasing your intake of calcium-rich foods, such as chia seeds, can improve your bone health.

9. They lower blood pressure
The health body recommends losing weight, consuming less salt, fat and sugar, and exercising more often. But eating a handful of Chia seeds a day could even help lower your blood pressure.

Ingredients of Chia seeds, such as omega-3 fats and antioxidant polyphenols, have beneficial effects on the liver and blood circulation, which can lower blood pressure. These seeds also contain fiber, lignin, antioxidants, magnesium, calcium and potassium which together have an even stronger effect against high blood pressure.

10. It is easy to add Chia seeds to your diet
Chia seeds are famous because they are easily mixed with other foods and have a subtle taste. They are easily integrated into your regular meals. You can mix Chia seeds with oats, yogurt or any other food you want. One of the most common ways to eat Chia seeds is to sprinkle them or mix them with other dishes.

Chia seeds can also be used to thicken the soup. You will only need a few seeds in each dish, as they can absorb a large amount of sauce or liquid elements. It is also used as a substitute for eggs in some recipes. By doing this, you can make almost any dish a healthy choice.


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